Tears For Bid

Hey Mr.
Locked in
Super Id
Where do you hide?
When tears are up for bid

In this desert
Where thirsty buyers flock
To this commodity
A rare find

A real treat
Almost as taboo
As robbing the blind

Come out of your cage
Its not yours they want
The heart is too dry

They like the fresh well
To crack open when they pry

Come enjoy the show
Go with the flow
Put down your Ax

Absorb the commercial appeal
Of the pushy auctioner
Racing into your head
Wowing you with his speed

Step right up
Tears for Sale
Sweat too
Not a cloud in sight folks
Not a one

Step right up
Make your bid
The stakes already sold
The story’s already told

Tears for sale

Who rides the wave
The smile or the slave
The path already paved
In a mystery concave


Copyright 2016 , Jennifer Chistine


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