In love with hot clouds

Juice Popsickle
Your cold breath
Icing up the windows

You Lick your fingers
A sticky seal upon the glass
A foggy love poem
Bleeding through your cage

Now the got world
It’s Baking you
Till it drips off your tongue
Silencing you

The still calm

Behold the sequester
That friendly gesture
To sit upon the hill
And get your fill

Fire on the mountain

We didn’t drink from the fountain
Of love and despair
Trust and Truth

I came to your booth
To buy one ticket
To a mirage
In the desert

I die of thirst
The clouds burst

Your hair like amber gold
Who told you we were sold

I can’t help but pout
The devotion devout
Like a ripe trout
In the bears mouth

Im moving south
Where springs fill the dawn
And waters our lawn
No room for a pawn
No room for a pawn

Don’t steal my peace
Don’t steal my piece
Check mates an illusion
An immaculate contusion
Where breath sleeps the science
Of shadows and war
Now mop up the floor
With these tears

Shiny enough to see your reflection
And taste the perfection
Of love
Dying on the vine
The sweetest wine

The mark of the years
To wash our fears

Now leering and lying
Don’t stop trying

Il never stop crying

We’ll mop the floor darling
We’ll mop the floor
With this open door
Forever more

Copyright 2016 Jennifer Christine


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